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Ultrasound Equipment - Parasite Protection

Unfortunately, the warm summertime is also the time of insects. Insect bites can cause dangerous infections. There are numerous insect repellents to protect against the danger of stings. However, only a few tick repellents are effective.

Especially ticks can transmit the TBE virus, the tick-borne encephalitis. An infection caused by a tick bite leads to a dangerous inflammation of the brain and meninges. It is of the greatest importance for people and animals that often spend time in nature to be equipped with an effective tick protection.

The effective solution is provided by Tickless, an ultrasonic device to protect against ticks and fleas. The device is available as Tickless-BABY especially for babies, as Tickless-HUMAN for adults and as Tickless-PET for pets. The small device can be attached to your clothing or to your pet?s collar and after removing the battery strap it emits ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic waves in the 40-kilohertz range are inaudible to humans and pets, so they do not cause any acoustic interference. Ticks and fleas are kept away by the ultrasonic waves within a radius of 1.5 - 3 metres.

The Tickless ultrasonic device is powered by a lithium battery. Tickless BABY and Tickless PET permanently emit ultrasonic waves after activation. The manufacturer certifies a battery endurance of 9 to 12 months after activation of these products. The functionality of the ultrasonic device can be checked quite easily by pressing the button. Inside the unit, a small lamp lights up to indicate that the unit is working properly. Tickless HUMAN can be activated or deactivated by pressing a button.

In contrast to other products, the successful tick repellent Tickless does not use any chemicals and is therefore completely harmless to humans and animals and has no side effects. This means that the device can be used not only for babies, pregnant women and elderly people, but also for pets. The small device can be fixed to the collar of animals. For humans, it can be easily attached to clothing with a clip. It must not be placed in the trouser or shirt pocket so that it can develop its full ultrasound effect. The tick protection device is splash-proof (IP13), but should be completely dried after contact with water to prevent damage. In areas heavily infested with ticks, the tick repellent does not provide 100% protection. Tickless is available in different colours and designs.

Effective protection against house dust mites is provided by the ultrasonic device MITELESS. The device works analogously to the ultrasonic device against ticks and fleas. It is offered as a version for use on the go or in a socket. People or animals that are allergic to house dust mites can benefit from the small device which has a sound wave radius of about 3 meters.

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MITELESS - Ultrasonic Protection against Dust Mites

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TICKLESS-BABY - Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller

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