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Color Glasses for children "Pro Kids" - baker-miller-pink

Item number: 07320-0010

Sporty and modern color glasses, ideal for kids!

Available in 10 different colours.

Category: Colour glasses


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Available now!

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Sporty and modern color glasses, ideal for kids!

Available in 10 different colours.

Frame of the glasses in the same colour!

On the road, please use only the yellow glasses!

All glasses have a UV400 protection (UVA + UVB protection) and are wearable as sunglasses. They also have a CE mark.

Dimensions of glasses:

  • width 130 mm
  • height 42 mm
  • length of earpiece 116 mm
  • nose bridge 15 mm


  • chosen color glasses
  • color description
  • cleaning cloth
  • case

Below is an overview of the color powers qualitys:

Power quality:
Life, Fire, Heat, Activity, Flow.
Red is the colour of life, of the burning sun and the fire. It stands for love, joy and anger. The sexual driving power, the impulse and the general force of a human being are identified with red. The colour red is generally strongly stimulating, accelerating and tonifying. Red makes someone communicative, excited, bright, hasty, eager and passionate. Though the red vibrations have the largest wavelength and with it the lowest energy, the strongest incentive effect emanates from them. Therefore the red colour glasses should only be worn for a short time.


Power quality:
Orange is a warm color and comes closest to the natural light.
Orange is the colour of cheeriness, vitality and joy. Orange is used to support the vital processes. Exhausted energies are returned, the efficiency  and the willingness to work are strengthened. Orange is also used if the joy of life is lost or suppressed, in the case of dissatisfaction, pessimism, gloom, meteorosensitivity, depression and anxiety state. The orange vibrations are essential for health and vitality and have a mild incentive effect.


Power quality:
Is counted among the warm colours and stands for easiness.
Yellow is the colour of the sun which stands in zenith. Biologically it is one of the most important colours because its vibrational energy is saved in the fat and is therefore effective over a longer period. Yellow is bright, encouraging, comfortable. A yellow light acts favourably on the nutritive organs and strengthens the nerves. Yellow acts stimulating on the gland function, mobilises the mucous membrane, is excitosecretory, tonic and digestive. The yellow colour widens the pupils and therefore facilitates the studiousness and the comprehension and acts favourably on the brainpower. It is also suitable for trips at night as contrast glasses.


Power quality:
Results from the warm yellow and the cold blue.
The green colour vibrations are presumed to be a neutral factor, they symbolise balance and harmony. Green is the healing colour par excellence, it eases in a neutral, positive sense, sedates and relaxes. Green stands for silence, rest and regeneration and collection of forces. Green disinfects, acts compensatory, appeasing, facilitates the uptake of oxygen and affects the vegetative nervous system.


Power qualtity:
Belongs to the cold side of the chromatic circle and stands for tranquillisation.
Blue, the colour of silence and infinity, is presumed to be the coolest, purest and deepest colour. It acts recreative, anticonvulsant and eases the breathing. It is pleasant for headaches and migraine. Blue is also a helpful colour for the eyes because it acts decongestant, analgesic and refrigerant. Blue brings silence and reservation.


Power quality:
Mixture of two opposed poles, the cool blue colour and the warm red colour.
Violet is the colour of spirit and acts accordingly on the subliminal, gives spiritual force and perception. It is the colour of inspiration, stands for dignity, optimism, tolerance and sensuality, represents the crown of the colour spectrum. Those highest violet vibrations unite the two opposites of red and blue and act therefore also compensating. Intuition and spirituality are strengthened.


Power quality:
Consists of the cold blue and the calmative green.
The cooling and refreshing turquoise acts neutralising, compensatory and calmative. It enables a collection and release of inner forces.
Feelings and mind can be more easily brought in mind with turquoise. It affects metabolic processes positively, strengthens the skin, facilitates the regeneration of burned skin, helps against scarring. It can help the organism to clean itself from toxic accumulations. It is often used against allergic coryza.


Power quality:
As similar to violet a mixture of two opposite poles, the cold blue and the hot red, but a more fine and soft vibration quality.
Magenta, a very soft and fine vibration, creates on the one hand with the mixture of the cool blue and the warm red colour a contrary pressure of energy, on the other hand Magenta connects both opposites. Magenta represents dignity, power, distance, transformation and mental development. It affects the central nervous system, acts restraining, relaxing, hypnotic.


Power quality:
This darker blue strengthens the indications of the blue colour.

Indigo is the expression of mental dignity, wisdom and perfection. Indigo supports the opening of the "Third eye", facilitates the access to higher dimensions. The colour indigo is a useful help on the spiritual way to cosmic knowledge and truth. On a physical level Indigo effects a faster cell refrigeration and tranquilisation than blue. Indigo is preferred in case of endocrine restlessness.


Baker-Miller Pink
Power quality:
Finely nuanced colour vibration between rose and red.

An aggression-repressive, anoretic effect is ascribed to the very special fine vibration of the colour therapy glasses "Baker-Miller-Pink". In extensive, empirical studies in the USA, the so-called "Theory of Dr. Schauss", the impact of the special colour rose on blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and cardiovascular activities is confirmed. The name "Baker-Miller-Pink" goes back to two officials of the Washington State Department of Corrections - Miller and Baker. They support actively the successful studies with the colour rose.

Design: suitable for children
manufactor: BioWaves
color glasses: single glasses
Shipping weight: 0,10 Kg

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